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            Animal / Horse Record

            Search for an Animal / Horse

            Tap the Search bar at the top or the Magnifying Glass and type in the Animal name.
            Tap the Animal / Horse's name to view details.

            If you know the name of the Owner or Yard, you can search for their name and locate the Animal by tapping on the Animals tab where you will see a list of that Owners / Yards Animals.

            Animal / Horse Record

            Goto Contact - Animals - Animal Name
            Details - Basic details including where the animal is kept (Location)
            Contacts - You can note other professionals that help to look after this animal.
            Images - Store all of the images for this animal here. 
            Videos - Store links to any videos you have taken, really useful for riding coaches.
            Docs - New - Save documents here, could be reports, X-rays. You can only save when on your desktop.
            Forms - Select a form, complete it and keep a record here as well as mailing it to the owner and or vet if you want.
            History - A complete chronological record of everything you have done with this animal, including pictures taken.
            Notes - Make notes about this animal. Recorded in chronological order with a time stamp so easy to find.

            Add an Animal / Horse

            Select Contact - Animals  - Add Animal


            The home location is the default location. To change tap Change Location. Select where the animal is Owner, Yard/Barn or Vet. When you tap one of these you will see a list of all of the locations you have previously created. If the location does not appear then Add a new one. Owner locations are anywhere where their are no different owners horses located. Yard/Barns are locations where their are more than one owners animals. Vet locations are mainly used by Animal Therapists for when an animal is being treated at a Vets.


            This will be the name commonly used for this animal.



            Default Service

            To save time when you are invoicing you can enter the Service/s you normally carry out on this animal. 

            Date of Birth

            It is not essential to complete this.

            Date last visited

            Enter this so this animal features in Call these Customers (home screen).

            Revisit in

            Select time. Combined with above they will feature in Call these Customers if no appointment made when it should be due.

            Vet approval

            Tick this if you have received Vet approval to treat this animal, mainly for Animal Therapists

            Passport Name and No

            Some countries insist you keep this information

            Additional Owners Email Addresses

            If you want to send email appointments, reminders and invoices to somebody (part owner for example) enter their email here.

            Next suggested visit date (Farriers only)

            The system look back to the last two appointments and will then suggest when the next appointment should be. If an appointment has not been made 2 weeks before it is due this will show in the Call these Customers circle (Home screen). This alerts you to any animals needing an appointment so you can call their owner.

            Updated: 22 Apr 2018 12:06 AM
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