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            Multi users - select which Users calendar you would like to view (3 dots top left)
            Default -  Select your preferred view by checking the box.
            Different appointment types - status marked with different colours:
            Blue - Appointment in the future
            Purple - Personal appointment (for e.g. dentist, etc)
            Grey - Tentative appointment “penciled” in. (Tentative appointments are where customer is not informed) 
            Green - Invoiced and paid
            Amber - Invoiced but not paid
            Salmon - Invoice created / saved but not mailed to customer
            Red - Not invoiced
            You can filter any of these appointment types

            Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 16.49.32.png

            Search for last appointment / Contact or Animal

            Tap the magnifying glass. Enter the customers name. This will find the customer and show previous appointment and the next appointment if there is one. To see all appointments search Animal name tap on the Animal record and then History. This shows all past and future appointments.

            Add an Appointment

            Launch your Calendar by tapping the icon on the bottom Navigation bar. 
            Tap the time of the day you want to create an appointment or tap the plus sign (+)  upper right corner.
            Appointment will default to the length you have set up in Step 1, adjust as per your requirement.
            Select appointment type - Customer, Personal or Tentative (Tentative appointments are where customer is not informed) 
            Choose user - (Multi-user accounts only) If you want to create an appointment for another User in your organisation
            Select Contact - start typing the name of your Customer to search and select from your saved Contacts or tap the the plus sign + sign to add a new Customer Contact. 
            Select Location - If owner has animals in more than one location, select from drop down.
            Select Animal(s)- either select from the Customer's existing animals at a location you have selected or tap the plus (+) sign to add a new Animal for this Customer contact.
            Notes - Add any notes you wish.
            Send Email - If you do not want to send the Owner / Yard an appointment email un-check this box
            Repeat? This is for repeating appointments, see below.

            Tentative Appointments

            These are appointments where the customer is not notified (Grey on the calendar).

            They can be used in a number of ways:
            Just to "pencil" in an appointment. This means you can move it around until you confirm it as a customer appointment. No emails will be sent to your customer until you convert to a Customer Appointment.
            They can be used if you want to make provisional appointments and only "firm" them up, say the week before. The customer will not receive any notifications until you convert them to a Customer Appointment. If you still do not want to notify the customer untick the Send Email in appointment.
            Convert from Tentative to a Customer appointment tap Confirm in popup. This will then send the email confirming the appointment. If you don't want to send an email you should not use this method of converting as there is no option to not send an email.

            Personal Appointment

            Use this if you want to ensure you do not double book. Add description i.e. Going to dentist. If you are going on holiday for a week use the repeat feature.

            Repeat an Appointment

            If you are going to an owner / yard / barn on a regular basis select the frequency i.e. every 3 weeks and then how many appointments you would like to repeat this for i.e. 6 appointments. This will make the appointment every 3 weeks for 6 times, including the appointment you are first making. If you delete one of these repeated appointments, the system will ask you to confirm if you want to delete the other future appointments. 

            Move an Appointment

            Phone / tablet - Tap and hold on the appointment for 3 seconds. Drag the appointment to the day / time you need to move it to (within the week) and release when it's at the correct date/time.
            Desktop - Click, drag and drop.
            Alternatively if it's not for the same week, you can select the appointment and adjust the date / time.
            To move the appointment into another User’s calendar, click on the appointment and change the User (multi-user only).
            As long as the new appointment is not within 24 hours, then your customer will receive another email confirming the new time along with the details of the original appointment.

            Delete an Appointment

            Click on the appointment and then edit. At the bottom you will see the Delete button, this permanently deletes the Appointment.


            Appointment Emails are sent to your customer when you create or move an appointment.
            Reminder emails are sent either 24, 48, 72 hours before the appointment (depending upon what your select in Setup Step 1)


            24 hour reminders (Mobile only)
            On the home screen goto Tomorrow tap the SMS icon. You will then be asked if you want to send 24 hour SMS reminders. It will then show each customer in turn. Send as required. The wording for the 24hrs SMS reminder can be changed in your Setup Step 4.  The SMS will be sent from your mobile using your mobile number's SMS text package.

            I'm on my way reminder (Mobile only)
            From the home screen or from the calendar tap the appointment then the SMS icon. The default text will show, edit as required and send. We will be making this editable in your Setup shortly.

            Updated: 23 Apr 2018 07:21 AM
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