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            Important You do need to have selected an Association in Setup - Business settings. If your Association does not feature please suggest they get in contact with me. Enter None for the moment and forms will appear

            Each profession/association has a selection of “forms” they can use. These are documents that you can complete to be stored in the animal record. In some cases they can also be mailed to your customer and vets. They can be drawn on and in some cases picture embedded in the form. Most of the forms can be signed by your customer.


            How to: Create a form

            From the appointment popup select Forms. You must have an animal associated with this appointment for the Forms button to appear. Select from the drop down the form you wish to create. Complete as necessary. Some of the forms have a signature box. You can hand your device to the customer and get them to sign.

            How to: Save a form

            Save for later - top right. If you need to come back later and complete the form tap this button. The form will then be saved in the animal record for further editing.

            Preview - some of the forms have this feature. If you have ticked any of the Customer and or Vet boxes you can see a preview of what this person will receive. If you are pappy with this you can then tap the Save and Email. This will save the completed form in the animal record and send to the Owner and or Vet.

            Save - This will save the completed form (it will no longer be editable) in the animal record.


            Simple report forms that can be helpful in recording hoof progress (available soon).

            Animal Therapy

            Lots of different forms available. They are all fairly obvious.


            None available yet, waiting to see what is required.


            Form being prepared for release later in the year.


            None available yet, waiting to see what is required.

            Updated: 28 May 2018 10:50 PM
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