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            The Future

            The Future

            We are continually looking to improve and add to our Apps. We of course welcome any suggestions. Just drop as an email at support@equitotal.com. Shown below are a list improvements we are working on. They are in no particular order but feel free to let us know which you would like to see implemented first.


            This would show in calendar view. You will be able to see where the days / weeks appointment are. Will show all animals due an appointment. "Find a Slot" feature. Enter the customer and how long the appointment needs to be. You will then be shown the next available slot allowing for travel time. We have started work on this feature but there is a lot of work involved. Due at the end of the year.

            We are also looking into the possibility of checking travel times between appointments.


            Add more reports.


            Have the ability to send a message to all professionals from our Admin Centre. This will help us communicate with you.


            Record how a customer heard of you. Will help you concentrate any marketing efforts in the right direction.

            Account integration

            Have system link directly with various accounting programs. Quick Books (Cloud) and Xero being the first two.


            Have the ability to select in what language the customer receives their emails.


            Add more forms. 

            Stock control

            Needs more discussion with farriers.

            Updated: 07 Jul 2018 04:25 AM
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