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            GoCardless Direct Debit (Europe and Aus)

            GoCardless (GC)

            A great way for regular customers to pay you. When you have completed an invoice you can take payment straight from your customers bank account (Direct Debit). The cost of getting paid in this way in shown in Cost of taking Payment.
            You need to have registered to take GC for all of the below to apply.


            Goto Step 8 and tap the Connect button.
            In the popup tap GoCardless Connect

            Then follow the instructions to create your own GC account. If you already have a GC account you can sign in and link it to your App.

            You will need to verify your bank account so you can receive funds that are collected by GC from your customers.

            How to: Send a GC invite

            1. You can invite all of your customers by ticking the box in Setup Step 5
            2. Invite individual customers by ticking the box in the customer record. Edit record then tick box.

            New customers
            They will receive an additional paragraph in their welcome email inviting them to sign up to pay you through GC. They will also receive this paragraph in their appointment emails. As soon as they sign up the extra paragraph will stop appearing. 

            Existing customers
            If one of the GC invite boxes (in Step 5 or in customer record) has been ticked the paragraph will be added to appointment emails. This will continue until the customer registers.

            How to: Take payment

            When you have done an invoice if a customer has registered a button will appear asking if you would like to take payment using GC. Tap the button and you do not need to do any more. The amount will arrive in your account around 5 days later. Initially the appointment goes a bright green (pending). When GC does the transfer into your account the appointment goes the standard paid green.
            If a customer does not want you to take payment in this way you can elect to take payment using another method.
            You can check if a customer has registered by going into their account and looking for - Customer registered for GC   Yes / No.

            How can: A customer change the bank account they use to pay you

            They will need to go into their GC account and make the changes. This will then unlink them from you. You will need to send them another invite by either making an appointment (the invite paragraph will then appear) or in the customer record tapping the resend invite button (available soon).

            Updated: 08 May 2018 02:17 AM
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