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            How to: Get set up

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            How to: Get Set up

            There are 9 steps and should only take 10 minutes. Whilst we recommend it, you don't have to do all of the Set up straight away. Just tap the App logo (top left) at any time and you will be taken to the home screen. After each step tap Submit at the bottom of each section.
            Step1 - The only essential bits are your details and a logo (can be added later).
            Step 2 - Tick the no extra users unless you have one. If you do make sure you complete all info requested, scroll to bottom and Save
            Step 3 - Select your radius.
            Step 4 - Worthwhile selecting how you would like your arrival time to appear on emails, no need to do anything else.
            Step 5 - If VAT registered you must enter your number. Tick the Direct Debit link (if available in your country). Enter your bank details if you would like them to appear on invoice. Select colour and where you would like logo to appear.
            Step 6 - Add a few of the things you charge for. You can add more later.
            Step 7 and 8 - Their is no cost to set up for taking Credit/Debit cards or AutoPay Direct Debit / ACH (some countries) but you can tick the not at this time and come back to them. When you go through this setup you are creating your own account with our service providers with your own password. These will then be linked to your App and make getting paid easy.
            Step 9 - Only shown on browsers - Safari, Chrome etc. No need to do this straight away.
            Tap logo top left or Home icon to get to home screen.

            Updated: 21 Apr 2018 09:19 PM
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