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            How to: Send reminders


            Appointments - email

            When you make an appointment your customer will receive an email confirmation (assuming you have not unticked the send email box).

            24 hours before - email (or 48/72 hours depending upon your setup)

            You customer will automatically receive a reminder 24 hours before the appointment

            24 hours before SMS

            Before your first appointment of the day on the home screen tap the SMS icon (in the grey bar above tomorrows appointments). This will invite you to send a 24 hours SMS reminder to each of your customers in turn.

            30 minutes before SMS

            Tap one of todays appointments on the home screen. The appointment popup will appear. Tap the SMS icon. This will send an SMS saying you are just leaving your last customer and will be around 30 minutes. The text is editable if you need to adjust the time.

            The content of these emails and SMS's are editable in Step 4 of your setup. You can personalise them. but do not remove anything in brackets.
            Updated: 23 Apr 2018 07:49 AM
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