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            Powered by Equitotal

            All of our Equine Apps are Powered by Equitotal. This means that they are all very similar but with various elements added for specific professions. To download our App look for Equitotal in search and not your specific App. When you log in you will be "transferred" to your specific App.

            Support - other languages

            For the moment you will have to copy an article and use Google translate.

            Desktop (browser) version

            Our Web Apps are available on your desktop. Just goto your favourite browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.)
            Either goto one of our websites and click on the login button top right or go straight to https://app.equitotal.com/ and login
            Anything you do in the desktop version will sync with your mobile devices. 


            We are issuing updates at regular intervals. To see the version you are on Tap the Cog and at the very bottom is the version number.
            Browser version
            To ensure you are on the latest version check their is nothing in the queue then refresh.  This will launch the latest version.
            Mobile App
            You will get a message popup to say their is a new version. Goto the relevant App store and search for Equitotal. Download latest version. 


            You will need to be on your desktop to complete or manage your subscription and pay for the Web App. When you are logged into your account on the desktop, click the cog and go to Subscriptions which is No 9 in Setup.  This will not appear in the free Mobile App. You need to do this before your 30 day trial period expires. If you have been given a plan code that entitles you to an extended free period you still need to complete No 9 before the first 30 day trial is completed. To change the bank account or Credit card you pay your subscription with get in contact. We are currently improving this.


            To download the free App from the App store (iOS) or the Play Store (Google), search for Equitotal. They can be used on any mobile device. Our Apps work with or without a signal. When you have an insufficient signal (Red E top right) anything you do will be stored on your device until you get a decent signal (Green E). Any locally stored information (Items in Queue on Home page) will then be transferred and be available on other devices and your desktop when you get a decent signal. 

            How to get the best from your Mobile App

            The free Mobile App is designed for smartphones & tablets (Apple & Android)  To get the most out of the App, we suggest a Tablet, because of it's bigger screen size. A number of our professional get a mounting stalk fitted. Other than WiFi, there are 3 ways to connect your tablet to the internet:
            • Use your smartphone to create a Hotspot and pair your tablet with it. Mobile companies refer to this as Tethering and some data plans may restrict Tethering unless on a higher data plan. Please check with your Mobile service provider for a suitable plan to do this. 
            • Get a tablet with it's own Data SIM. This adds a little cost, compared to a WiFi only tablet, but is the easiest way to get on the internet while on the go. 
            • Purchase a Mobile Wi-Fi router. A number of our Professionals use this method and find it easy, reliable and flexible to connect their various devices to the internet while traveling. You should be able to get a free device on an affordable contract. The App uses very little data transferring information, so you can even start with a 1 GB/Month plan. This Mobile Wi-Fi article has some useful information for our U.K. users. And bear in mind that if you are streaming video that's going to eat up data from your plan very quickly.
            Tablets are available from screen sizes of 7' to 12.9". If you are getting a new tablet, get one with a screen size 9"+ that you are comfortable working with. For Android Tablets, we recommend Android version 6 and above with at least 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, as you will be using it for your other Apps too. For iPads we recommend version 10 and above. 


            Your data is stored on secure servers with backup and we have implemented a number of security features to secure your data. We never store any of your or your customers bank or credit / debit card details.

            Data Protection

            We take this very seriously and comply will all the latest regulations. In addition to this, we will ensure that we comply with the new EU directives coming into force in May 2018. We ask you to confirm that you accept our Terms & Conditions and we keep a record of this. We will be updating our Terms & Conditions from time to time and will ask you to confirm your acceptance of the same.  We will be requesting that your customers give their permission for you and us to contact them and store data. This will help comply us both comply with the new GDPR Data Protection regulations.

            Updated: 21 Apr 2018 09:31 PM
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