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            Credit / Debit card - Stripe - Step No7

            Stripe Setup

            There is no charge for setting up your Stripe account. In the UK and Europe we just us it for processing Credit and Debit cards. In the US we use it both for ACH "Autopay" and taking Credit and Debit cards. It's not expensive to take a card and it's a lot better than having to chase up payments. The charge for using Stripe varies by country see the separate support document. Cost of taking Payments

            Goto Step 7 and tap Click here to connect with Stripe then Stripe Connect

            Tap Sign in

            Tap Don't have an account? Sign up unless you already have an account in which case login.

            Complete the information required then Create your Stripe account

            Complete the information requested and then tap Authorise access to this account

            If you do not have a website use ours. www.thefarriersapp.com    www.theanimaltherapyapp.com etc

            Tap Confirm email address - goto your emails and confirm.

            Tap Activate your account

            Your are ready to go.

            We recommend you make your self familiar with the Dashboard. This is where you will see payments arrive.

            Make yourself familiar with the Settings.

            The box at the bottom is only for the US who use Stripe to collect ACH (Direct Debit) payments

            Failed payment

            This is an example of what you will see if a payment fails.

            Updated: 08 May 2018 02:12 AM
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