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            If an owner is bringing their animal/s to you at a Vets this is a useful feature.

            Vet Contact 

            When creating the new contact select Vet as the Contact type.
            Enter their address and other details.

            Owner Contact

            Create the Owner in the usual way. When you get to selecting location tap this. Select Vet location. You will then see all of the Vets you have created. Select the Vet where you are going to be seeing this animal. If the Vet does not feature in this list tap Add new Vet. Create the new Vet record.


            Create an appointment for the owner who is going to bringing their animal to the Vets. Assuming you have selected the Vet as the location for the animal it will default to the Vets location. This location will then feature on any appointment and reminder emails.
            If you are doing a home visit you will need to select the home address rather than the Vet's 


            Some forms have the option to email sections of a form to a Vet's. If a Vet has been added as a contact in an animal record the Vet part of the form will be emailed to this vet.

            Updated: 07 Jul 2018 04:13 AM
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