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            Yards / Barns / Boarding


            We will call them Yards in this article, in the US you refer to them as Barns or Boarding  
            "Yard animal" - this is where the Yard is paying the bills
            "Owner animal" - this is where either the Owner or Yard will be paying

            The Yard

            Use this as a contact type if different owners keep their animals there. The Yard may have 3 "types" of animals.
            1. Their own animals, "Yard Animal"
            2. Animals owned by other people but the yard pays for them, "Yard Animal"
            3. Animals owned by other people and paid for by the Animals Owner or the Yard. "Owner animal" (Owners name appears in brackets after the animal's name).

            Create a Yard

            Go to Contacts icon and add + to create a new Contact. In the Contact type select Yard.  Complete the rest of the contact information as per normal.
            After completing the Contact details, the system will ask, 'Would you like to add an Animal now?' Select 'Yes', to only Add Animals either owned by the Yard or the Yard is responsible for their payments.

            Adding Animals to a Yard

            As per alert above, only Add an Animal here the yard is going to be paying for, if not, the animal must be added in the owners record. Any animal that a Yard is responsible for making payments for, is a "Yard Animal".
            Search and select the Yard you want to add the Animal to, once in the Yard's record, tap Horses and then the button 'Add Horse'. Add the Horse details in the normal way. If the animal is not owned by the yard, but paid for by them, you can add a note in the animal record with the owners name.

            Making appointment for a yard

            Tap the date and time in the calendar or the + in calendar. Select the Yard and then the horses. Select who you would like to send the appointment confirmation and 24 hour reminder to. New   You can now also create a Yard appointment from the Owner record. Select the Owner and then in Location select the yard and animal/s. New

            Invoicing for a Yard Appointment

            Ideally when you created the Appointment, you selected the Animals you are going to attend to. If not, you can add the Animals when you create the Invoice (see 1 below). 

            1.Select Animals
            From appointment click Invoice, schedule next appointment if you want, In the Popup (see below) add any animals not in list above line. If you added then when you made the appointment they will appear above the line. Also shown are any other animals at this Yard but not on appointment, tap + if you want to also invoice them. If their is a new "Yard animal" that you want to invoice type the name in the box and tap Add Horse.
            Important - If the additional animal is an "Owner animal" do NOT add here. You will need to create them in the Owners record first and select their location as this Yard.                                                                                                                                                              
            2.Select who is paying 
            Select who you are invoicing for each of the horses. Yard animals you are not able to select who to charge. When you have done this press invoice. You will be asked to invoice the "Yard animals" first and then each owner in turn. Do this in the usual way.                                                                                                                                           

            Invoicing without an appointment 

            Tap the plus sign + when you are in the Yard's Invoice list. You will then need to add all the animals that you want to invoice for. After this follow the step 2 above.

            Updated: 21 Apr 2018 11:49 PM
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